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BEST 5 MASSAGE CHAIR Deals for Black Friday


Finding the perfect massage chair can be quite a challenge. With hundreds of options to choose from, it’s easy to make the wrong choice and end up with a nightmare on your hands. We’ve spent years fixing countless massage chairs, and while some are a breeze to repair, others are nearly impossible. Customers often ask us which chairs are worth it and which ones to avoid. To help you make an informed decision this Black Friday, we’ve compiled a list of key factors to consider when shopping for a massage chair.

1. Technicians’ Experience – We understand the frustration of buying a chair only to have it break down within a year. That’s why we only recommend chairs that have a proven track record of durability. After decades in the industry, we know which chairs can last for a solid 10 years with minimal issues. Rest assured, the chairs we endorse are built to withstand the test of time.

2. Innovation – Some companies skimp on research and development, resulting in outdated technology. However, newer models go beyond basic massage functions and offer significant health benefits. These chairs are designed by experienced doctors and chiropractors who understand how to alleviate aches and pains effectively. Imagine having a personal masseuse in your own home! To ensure you get the best options, we compare each chair side by side, prioritizing those with cutting-edge features and extensive research and development.

3. Quality of Mechanical Components – Repairing certain massage chairs can be a real headache. Some models require up to 6 hours of disassembly and reassembly, and even the most skilled technicians struggle to get them back in working order if not aligned correctly. That’s why any chair at the top of our list must be easy to fix, sparing you unnecessary headaches down the line.

4. Quality of Electrical Components – Electrical issues can be particularly challenging to resolve in a massage chair. However, some companies design chairs with easily replaceable components. If something goes wrong, you can simply swap out the faulty part without tampering with the chair’s electronics. It’s a quick and hassle-free fix that typically takes less than 30 minutes and comes at a low cost. Such chairs are highly regarded in our rankings.

5. Customer Service – What happens after you purchase the chair? Will the company provide reliable support? Excellent customer service is crucial. Some companies excel in this aspect, promptly answering calls and addressing concerns. On the other hand, there are those that seem to vanish when problems arise due to poor craftsmanship. We would never recommend a company with numerous complaints or one that takes days to respond. To make it onto our list, a company must have exceptional customer service ratings.

6. Price – Price is undoubtedly a key factor when buying a massage chair. Each chair on our list not only offers outstanding quality but also the best pricing. We want our friends, family, and you to get the most value for your money this Black Friday. That’s why we invest significant time in researching, attending trade shows, and scouring the web for the best prices, so you don’t have to spend countless hours doing it yourself.

Below are the Best 5 Massage Chairs for Black Friday Deals:

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