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Kollecktiv Massage Chair Body Scanning – How Does It Work?


The Kollecktiv Massage Chair utilizes body scanning technology to customize the massage experience based on the user’s body shape and size. Here’s how it works:

1. Initial Positioning: When you sit in the massage chair, it will typically have a default starting position. This position allows the chair’s sensors to get a baseline reading of your body’s position.

2. Body Scanning Process: Once you are positioned in the chair, the body scanning process begins. The chair’s sensors, usually located in the backrest and seat, will start to scan your body.

3. Sensor Data Collection: The sensors in the chair will collect data about your body’s contours, dimensions, and pressure points. This data is used to create a map of your body’s shape and size.

4. Customization of Massage Techniques: Based on the collected data, the massage chair’s software will automatically adjust the massage techniques, intensity, and positioning to target specific areas of your body accurately. This customization ensures that the massage is tailored to your individual needs and provides optimal comfort and effectiveness.

5. Real-Time Adjustments: During the massage session, the chair’s sensors will continuously monitor your body’s position and adjust the massage settings accordingly. This ensures that the massage remains precise and effective as you move or shift in the chair.

The body scanning feature in the Kollecktiv Massage Chair helps to provide a personalized massage experience by adapting to your unique body shape and size. This customization allows for targeted relief and relaxation, enhancing the overall massage experience.

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