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How does the massage chair control system work?

The control system of the Kollecktiv-301 massage chair is designed to provide users with a seamless and intuitive experience. In this article, we will explore how the massage chair‘s control system works and how it allows users to effortlessly customize their massage sessions.

Control Methods

The massage chair offers three control methods: AI voice control, TFT touch screen, and quick button access. These options ensure that users can choose the most convenient and comfortable way to operate the chair. Whether you prefer using your voice, navigating through a touch screen interface, or accessing quick buttons for immediate adjustments, the chair’s control system caters to your preferences.

AI Voice Control

The AI voice control feature of the Kollecktiv-301 massage chair allows users to operate the chair hands-free. By simply using voice commands, you can adjust the massage settings, activate different massage techniques, and even control the intensity and speed of the massage. This feature adds a new level of convenience and accessibility to your massage experience, allowing you to relax and enjoy without the need for manual adjustments.

TFT Touch Screen

The massage chair is equipped with a TFT touch screen that provides a user-friendly interface for controlling the massage settings. The touch screen displays clear and intuitive icons, making it easy to navigate through the various options and select your desired massage program, intensity, and duration. With just a few taps on the screen, you can customize your massage experience to suit your preferences and needs.

Quick Button Access

For immediate adjustments, the massage chair also features quick buttons that allow you to access commonly used functions with a single press. These buttons are strategically placed within reach, ensuring that you can make quick changes to the massage settings without interrupting your relaxation. Whether you want to increase the intensity, switch to a different massage technique, or activate the heat function, the quick buttons provide a convenient shortcut for effortless customization.


The control system of the Kollecktiv-301 massage chair offers multiple options for operating the massage chair, including AI voice control, TFT touch screen, and quick button access. These features ensure that users can easily customize their massage experience according to their preferences and needs. Whether you prefer hands-free operation, a touch screen interface, or quick adjustments, the chair’s control system provides a seamless and intuitive way to enhance your relaxation and rejuvenation.

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