Kollecktiv 2023 New 4D Smart Massage Chair – 57″ SL Track Zero Gravity Yoga Stretching Massage Chair with AI Voice Control

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Kollecktiv BH-9302 is a brand new flagship 4D smart massage chair set to revolutionize the way you relax. This product is truly worth investing in, offering a comprehensive range of functions that rival those of a $10,000 massage chair. Equipped with an intelligent AI chip, it boasts 18 automatic massage programs, along with multiple intensity and speed adjustments that cater to your personal preferences. What’s more, its two-side body shape scanning detection ensures it is suitable for people of different heights and weights, delivering a tailored massage experience that is second to none. With its high-end design and cutting-edge features, the Kollecktiv BH-9302 offers a new level of home massage experience that you simply can’t afford to miss out on. So don’t wait any longer, invest in the Kollecktiv BH-9302 today and indulge in the ultimate relaxation experience!

  • AI Automatic Two-side Body Scanning SystemThis innovative system features an automatic detection and micro-adjustment function for shoulder positioning, ensuring that your massage is perfectly tailored to your body’s unique needs. Additionally, the system features an automatic detection function for human body curves and Shiatsu points, allowing the robot to adjust its stretch back and forth to provide a massage that is both humanized and scientifically optimized.
  • Space Capsule Zero Gravity Massage Chair
    This chair is designed to distribute the gravity of each body part evenly, providing full body pressure relief. With its zero gravity feature, positioning your thighs and calves above your heart. This creates a weightless sensation, allowing you to fully unwind without any restrictions. Say goodbye to muscle tension and stress as you enjoy the perfect relaxation experience with our Space Capsule Zero Gravity massage chair.
  • 57″ SL Track & Thai Stretching massage chair
  • With its double SL tracks, this chair is designed to perfectly fit your body curves and provide massage in more areas than traditional L tracks, from your shoulders all the way down to your thighs. Featuring 18 auto modes, including the highly sought-after Thai stretch, this massage chair is capable of propping up your waist and lowering your head and legs for a complete spine stretch.
  • Full Body Massage Techniques
    This Massage Chair offers a range of massage techniques, including Kneading, Tapping, Shiatsu, and Grasping, providing a customized massage experience. The calf kneading massage targets the lower limbs, with airbags kneading and squeezing the calves, relieving muscle tension and swelling. The chair also features 20 airbags in 5 areas for immersive pneumatic massage, with independent control and 3 squeezing intensities while waist and back heat support circulation. Rollers on calves, soles, and heels massage and tap, providing a relaxing lower limb massage.
  • Convenient & Comfortable Multimedia DesignThis chair offers three control methods for your preference: AI voice control, TFT touch screen, and quick button access. Not only does it provide a relaxing massage experience, but it also generates negative oxygen ions to improve air quality and promote better sleep. Plus, with Bluetooth technology and high-quality speakers, you can listen to your favorite music while enjoying a massage. Never worry about running out of battery with our unlimited charging technology and USB charging port.

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