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What body areas does the double SL track massage cover?

Many massage chairs on the market today come equipped with an SL track design. This design allows the massage rollers to follow the natural curve of your spine and provide a more targeted and comprehensive massage experience. However, some of the latest models go beyond the standard offering and have moved on to a double SL track design, which takes things to a whole new level. In this piece, we will delve into the details and explore the extent of massage areas covered by the double SL track system.

To start with, it is important to note that the SL track system covers the same area as a standard L track massage chair design, from the neck region all the way down to the thigh area. The SL track curve design ensures that the massage chair provides the user with a comprehensive massage experience on the back, neck, and buttocks.

However, the double SL track design is one step ahead. It covers a more extensive area and provides an enhanced massage experience. The two sets of rollers move along the track, contouring to the natural shape of the spine more effectively. This design enables the rollers to reach otherwise overlooked areas of the back, such as the rib cage, lower lumbar area, and tailbone, providing comprehensive coverage to the entire back and buttocks.

The added rollers of the double SL track design are capable of providing more targeted and precise massages than a single track massage chair. They can focus on points of tension and soreness with heightened depth and intensity; dissipating the pain and promoting relaxation, relieving users of stress and muscle tension.

The lower half of the body also benefits from a double SL track massage chair. As the rollers move upwards towards the neck area, they also move along the thigh area providing a thorough massage to help with sore and tired legs. The rollers move along the hamstring, quad, and gluteal muscles. This provides relief from muscle soreness, cramping, and promotes blood circulation.

It is also worth mentioning that the double SL track massage chairs feature the highly sought-after Thai stretch modes. This mode offers a full-body stretch that focuses on the spine and lower extremities. The rollers knead and rub particular muscles, providing a deep and precise stretch. This mode is ideal for those who spend long hours sitting, athletes, or individuals with spinal disc problems.

In addition to the massage track system, massage chairs also feature other functions to enhance the overall massage experience. Many double SL track massage chairs come with airbags that provide a pneumatic massage experience. The airbags squeeze and compress different areas of the body, simulating a real massage experience and providing relief from pain and tension.

Summarily, the double SL track massage chair design is a powerful innovation that offers comprehensive massage coverage. With its advanced massage features, the double track system can relieve stress and muscle tension in different areas of the body more effectively. Make sure to try out these advanced massage chairs to best experience the overall benefits it offers!

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