ZMZ 4D Massage Chair SL Track Full Body Massage Recliner with Zero Gravity Shiatsu

SL Track Massage Chairs Zero Gravity Full Body with Airbags, Foot Rollers, Waist and Calf Heat, Body Scan, Shortcut Key, Bluetooth, Shiatsu Recliner (Gray)

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It has all the functions you need for a cured journey, including back heaters, 3-speed foot rollers and blue-tooth speakers. The zero gravity massage lets you enter the 3 weightless positions while enjoying 4D massage and full body air massage all at once. You can choose 6 automatic massage modes, 6 massage techniques, 3 speeds, 3 massage widths and 3 airbag intensities on the luxury LCD touch screen, or on the armrest shortcut keys. The double SL track perfectly fits the body curve, allowing you to enjoy a massage from the neck to the thigh. With dual electric linear actuators, the backrest and 4.2” retractable footrest can be adjusted separately. And the smart body scanning technology will contour the chair to your shape. Last but not least, the massage chair is assembly-free.

Extra long 57″ rails make you enjoy a personal massage from the head to the leg, helps to maintain the human body vertebra “S” shaped curve, achieves relaxing the spine and relieve tense muscles, 50% more massage range area than S rail.

6 Automatic modes matches all you need for an excellent massage chair: Relaxing mode; Tired recovery; Health care; Pain Therapy; Stretch Therapy.Massage styles are kneading, tapping, knocking, shiatsu, and kneading & tapping at the same time.

Initial Zero Gravity Mode for you can reading & playing games when doing the massage; Comfort Zero Gravity Mode is like laying on the recliner; Deep Zero Gravity makes you laying on the bed and feeling free like floating on air.

Customer Reviews

22 reviews for ZMZ 4D Massage Chair SL Track Full Body Massage Recliner with Zero Gravity Shiatsu

  1. Woraphon Anderson

    Everything about this chair is wonderful: each of the automatic modes have a specific and effective purpose. Already completely assembled when it arrives makes setup super simple and we were using the chair minutes after we brought it inside.

    Wish we’d done this sooner: often use right before bedtime and haven’t slept this well in years. (Use Sleep Mode then…it’s a milder massage). The stretch massage is great after a long day, and while the foot massage is strong, it’s very therapeutic.

  2. Luke Tunnicliff

    Just what the Dr ordered!
    First of all 5 days from order date until delivery date. Wow! Setup was fast and simple. Multiple settings will take time to learn but the ability control multiple settings takes this product over the top. The speakers have great sound. An all around great product!

  3. Andrew Bulman

    Best massage chair for value and quality.
    Lots of options Me and my family do a lot of sitting for school and work. So at the end of the day it really Helps for back pain and back soreness. It has lots of options for different types of massage. You can choose one of the six preset ones or do you a specific one and pick an area sick to. This feature is Great because every now and again my back and shoulder get a pinch that I would usually have to go see a chiropractor. Now I can sit in the massage chair a couple times and this helps that pinch go away. I like that the foot roller can be turned off and on as my feet are very ticklish. The delivery was on time and arrived in perfect condition.

  4. Kristy Gallirhir

    Its good, my wife loves it. only problem was that it took 13 days to get here. But worth the wait

  5. Susie Shopper

    I love this chair so much I want to buy the second one lol. Guys you just rock. This is an amazing massage chair for everyone. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

  6. Bbean

    I love it and can’t get my husband out of it.

  7. Vanja Injac

    This chair is well worth the money. You can save money by having your own massage perform in your home. It has every feature you could ask for!

  8. Boog16

    Wonderful Chair
    This massage chair performs greater than the cost and I am very happy with it. I have fallen asleep multiple times while using this chair.

  9. Darius

    It takes some practice with the remote to find the settings you enjoy the most. This chair is ideal. I am glad I made this decision.

  10. Jennifer

    Big help for back pain
    If you suffer from back pain, this massage chair will help you. It is well worth the money you will spend and the company is solid with great customer service.

  11. Peppermint

    Great gift for grandparents
    Bought this for my folks and they loved it! It was a little hard at first, but once they figured out the right setting for them, they use it every day.

  12. Ken

    Very nice masssage chair
    I really like this chair! Your people made purchasing flawless. Thanks so much!

  13. Tessa Miller

    The best chair ever!
    This massage chair hits my hamstrings really well. It looks nice. This chair is everything I wanted. I would buy it again and recommend it to all my friends.

  14. D. Parson

    Love it!
    This chair is massaging your whole body. I use this every day. Buying this massage chair is one of the best moves I’ve made in a long, long time!

  15. Eddie

    Awesome chair
    The massage chair arrived in a large box. The chair makes me so happy. I love all the auto options and the manual.

  16. Sheridan

    I use every day and really happy with the product
    I bought the chair after a lot of research. I put the chair in my living room and after work, I sit there and enjoy my time. I especially like the foot massage function. After the massage, I feel more healthier than before. I think this is the best purchase I made this year.

  17. Loraine Forrest

    The chair is great!
    This chair gives you a great massage. The preset programs are really good and the interface is intuitive.

  18. sompinfishe

    Great massage chair
    Been using it every day. Still learning all of its many features.

  19. Steveh

    I can sleep better after Massage
    My parents bought the Maestro Massage Chair, I tried several times and decided to buy one for myself. I use the chair as many times as I can after work. I had a sleeping problem before, but after using the chair few month, I sleep well. I slept on the Massage Chair many times. It feels very relaxRead more about review stating I can sleep better after Massageed and comfortable. I think this chair is worth the money.

  20. Kaleidoscope

    What a great chair!
    I bought it because my friend recommended it. She love this chair so much, and keep telling me to buy one. I tried her chair at her home and I really like it and decided to buy one for me. Last Christmas, this chair price got down and I bought it. I like heat function and how strong it is. I use it everyday and I feel better.

  21. GnB_FL

    Delivery was smooth and we’re enjoying our new chair. We love it. Thanks!

  22. Missy

    Good gift for parents
    I bought it for my parents and they love the chair. They use it every day. I also tried several times and I can know why they like the chair. Strong and relaxing.

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